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Reaching the Nations Through Christian Education (Part III)
Mark W. Cannister, Vice President

Date: October 26-28, 2000
Place: International Plaza Hotel, Toronto, Canada
Theme: Reaching the Nations through Christian Education

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. – Acts 1:8

No matter where you travel around the globe, three themes that are universal among Christian believers are worship, discipleship and fellowship. While worship looks, sounds and feels very different across the variety of cultural settings that comprise our world it is always present among believers in one form or another. Even though discipleship may be divided into its component parts of Christian formation, evangelism and service with different congregations emphasizing one or another of the components, discipleship is always present in one form or another. And of course, fellowship takes on a life of its own among people who are truly committed to the Lord and to each other. When you arrive at the NAPCE Conference in Toronto (you are coming, aren't you?) you will encounter each of these dimensions of our faith in a dynamic and fresh way.

Richard Allan Farmer, a gifted musician and worship leader, will open our
conference Thursday evening with a vibrant time of worship as we consider NAPCE as a community of believers at the turn of the century.

Richard Allan Farmer
Richard Allan Farmer

Richard Allan Farmer is a native of New York City and currently serves as Dean of the Chapel at Taylor University. He is an accomplished musician and inspirational worship leader. A graduate of Nyack College, Dr. Farmer earned his M.Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary and has been awarded the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by Gordon College and the honorary Doctor of Sacred Theology degree by Houghton college. Dr. Farmer is committed to being a global Christian and has ministered through expository preaching and music in more than fifteen countries and most of the states in the USA.

In addition to our extended time of worship on Thursday evening, Dr. Farmer will also lead us in a brief time of worship at the beginning of each general session on Friday and Saturday.

In three of our general sessions, Michael J. Wilkins will challenge us to consider our role in Reaching the Nations through Christian Education by examining the proper place of Christian Education in reaching those who are far from God. His challenging and provocative messages (see the titles listed in the conference schedule on the last page of this newsletter) will likely cause many of us to reconsider our stereotypical views of a discipleship and the unbiblical dichotomies that have been created between missions/evangelism and Christian education. Ultimately we must ponder the proper relationship of evangelism, discipleship, missions, and mentoring to the doctrine of sanctification.
Michael J. Wilkins
Michael J. Wilkins

A graduate of Biola University, Dr. Wilkins earned his M.Div. at Talbot School of Theology and his Ph.D. at Fuller Theological Seminary. A specialist in New Testament theology, Dr. Wilkins has authored a number of books including: Following the Master: A Biblical Theology of Discipleship, Discipleship in the Ancient World and Matthew's Gospel, and In His Image: Reflecting Christ in Everyday Life. Dr. Wilkins currently serves as Professor of New Testament Language and Literature and Dean of the Faculty at Talbot School of Theology.

In light of his scholarship, pastoral experiences and personal faith journey, Dr. Wilkins is uniquely qualified to help those of us in Christian education reconcile the act of becoming a disciple (evangelism) with the process of growth in discipleship (Christian formation).

What can I say? Throughout the conference fellowship will abound as we support one another through Thematic and Professional Development seminars,

and encourage one another through Research Presentations. This year we have added some field trips to the conference so that we can witness first hand God's amazing work in Toronto. Our excursions to these exciting ministries will provide genuine refreshment as we rejoice in the good work God is doing through his people.

I pray that you will join us for this amazing time of worship, discipleship and fellowship at this year’s NAPCE Annual Conference in Toronto.

Field Trip Options at the Toronto Annual Conference
Mark Senter, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

NAPCE will be sponsoring several optional field trips during the Toronto conference that will allow participants to explore one of the many multi-cultural dimensions of the city. The cost to participate in one of these field trips will be in addition to the conference fee. Please pre-register for the field trip of your choice so that we may have an accurate headcount for transportation purposes.

Ethnicity in the Church
Michael Blair et al. will lead a round table discussion on the history of ethnic groups in the Canadian church at his downtown Toronto Baptist church. The discussion will deal with the attempt of integrating ethnic groups into the church and the challenges of education. Through this discussion you will come to an appreciation of the mission enterprise within your schools, communities, and cities. From this, you should be able to articulate to future church lay-workers the importance of thinking and working multi-ethnically.