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Spring 1999 Newsletter

Editor: Mark E. Simpson, 4050 Lee Vance View, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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Nurturing the Soul Through Christian Education

Judy TenElshof, Biola University

"The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail." -- Isaiah 58:11.

Are students souls like well-watered gardens or sun-scorched desserts? Have they developed habits and patterns that embrace the Lords presence in solitude, reflect on His word in silence, and experience the satisfaction of His guidance that strengthens and nurtures love? These patterns in our students lives will open the door to the Holy Spirits transforming power throughout life leading to spiritual maturity.

To establish and encourage these patterns is a core value of Christian education that needs more intentionality in todays culture. Very few of our students failures in life will be a result of an inability to think, study or teach. Rather, their failures are more likely to be linked to difficulties in character and relationships rooted in emotional and spiritual immaturity. The 1999 NAPCE conference will directly speak to this critical need in Christian education.

#1 Your mental understanding of "soul" will be enhanced
J.P. Moreland, Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology and author and co-author of over 35 books and numerous journal and magazine articles will be leading us in a deeper understanding of the soul. He offers a model of self (or soul) that is not reducible to physicalism or social construction, but allows for physical interaction, and social and relational influence. His model will have profound implications for integrating spiritual development into Christian education.

#2 You will discover six transforming values for Christian education
Rick Dunn, Pastor to Student and Family Ministries and Theological Educator-In-Residence at Fellowship Church in Knoxville, Tennessee and author of several books and journal articles will offer an alternative model for learning for ministry. He will challenge us with six transforming values for Christian education and will encourage you to revisit your own values for Christian education ministries.

#3 You will have opportunity to interact with papers presented in the six transforming values
Several of our NAPCE members have researched and written a paper on one of the core values Rick Dunn and J.P. Moreland will share with us at the conference. You will have opportunity to hear these papers presented and critiqued with time for interaction and discussion.

#4 You will have opportunity to exchange innovative ideas and programs
During the time for interaction, you will be encouraged to share programs, syllabi and ideas in developing a spiritual formation emphasis on your campus. You are encouraged to come prepared to share not only your success stories, but to seek answers to current problems you are facing in implementing spiritual formation.

#5 Your creativity for the future will be stimulated with current research
Courtyard of the Hanalei HotelYou will receive the results to formal research that surveyed students from schools represented in NAPCE. The survey will identify what aspects of students college or graduate education most influenced their spiritual growth. You will also be able to choose current research that challenges your areas of interest during two sessions at the conference. An overview of each research presentation will appear in the conference notebook to assist you in the selection of the sessions to attend.

#6 You will have opportunities for fun, leisure and fellowship
We will be in a wonderful Hawaiian-themed hotel in sunny San Diego with sea and surf to visit. Transportation will be available for visits to Seaport Village, Point Loma, Mission Bay, Old Town, etc. Break times will allow you opportunity to enjoy fellowship with colleagues and be refreshed.

Come join me as we are challenged to deepen our students heart for God.

research.gif (3079 bytes)Wanted: Current Research

Kevin Lawson, Talbot School of Theology

We are looking for faculty and students interested in sharing their research at the upcoming NAPCE conference. The research can be empirical in nature, or of a historical, philosophical, or theological model. A high quality of research workmanship is expected. Presentation sessions last one hour. We had a wonderful response last year, and had an outstanding group of presentations!

This years theme is "Nurturing the Soul Through Christian Education." Research presentations on this topic are especially encouraged, but need not be restricted to this area. If you are interested in making a presentation, please send a 1-2 page single-spaced abstract of your research effort to: Kevin E. Lawson, Talbot School of Theology, 13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, CA 90639, Phone: (562) 903-6000 x 5528, Fax: (562) 903-4759, Email: [email protected].

The deadline for applications is September 1, 1999. The number of research presentations is limited, so early applications will be given preference. This is a great opportunity to share what you have been working on, receive feedback from others, and stimulate others to extend your work into new areas. Please join us for a great conference, and share your work with us!

NAPCE Placement Information

Mari Gonlag, Southern Wesleyan University

In a field as specialized as Christian education, finding the right connections to facilitate placement for CE professionals is always a challenge. While not equipped to provide a full-fledged placement service, NAPCE is offering an enhanced placement service to help connect schools seeking CE personnel and persons looking for new CE opportunities. Our NAPCE web site now provides us with a unique place for the dissemination of this placement information. As Placement Coordinator for the NAPCE Board, I will be managing the announcement of placement positions and the collection and distribution of resumes received from NAPCE members.

To access the Ministry Placement resources online, go to the NAPCE homepage, select the Online New and Discussions button, select the News and Discussion Groups button, and then select the Ministry Placement discussion folder. In this folder you will find two different discussionsa "Persons Available" discussion for the listing of available personnel, and a "Positions Available" discussion for the listing of available positions. To announce your availability or announce a position that is available, please review the following guidelines.

Persons Seeking Placement
If you are a person looking for a position, you have two options. First, you may go to the "Persons Available" discussion group and post your basic resume information there. Just remember that the message you post can only be edited by the Placement Coordinator, and that the information you post will be available to anyone on the Internet reading the discussion group. Posts to the "Persons Available" discussion group should include: 1) the persons name, 2) the position desired, 3) the current position, 4) academic credentials, and 5) a brief description of professional experiences.

A second option is to send your resume by e-mail or postal mail to the Placement Coordinator. Nothing will be posted online about your availability unless you include a signed consent form to post the information. In this way, persons wishing to seek placement but not announce their availability via the Internet may do so through the Placement Coordinator. Resumes not posted online will only be available to institutions that contact the Placement Coordinator for a list of persons available. If you wish to consent to your resume being posted online, please include a separate page with your resume that includes your signature and the exact wording of the following statement:

"I hereby give the NAPCE Placement Coordinator permission to post my resume online. I understand that this information will be available to anyone on the Internet reading the discussion group, and that the posting of my availability is in no way an endorsement for me by NAPCE."

Institutions Announcing Positions
If you would like to post a notice about a position available at your institution you also have two options. You can go to the "Positions Available" discussion group and post the pertinent information yourself. Since all the NAPCE discussion groups are moderated, the information you post will not appear in the discussion group until reviewed by the Placement Coordinator (usually within 48 hours). You also have the option to e-mail or postal mail the position information to the Placement Coordinator if you do not wish to post the information yourself.

All correspondence and questions concerning these placement options should be addressed to the NAPCE Placement Coordinator: Mari Gonlag, Southern Wesleyan University, PO Box 1020, Central, SC 29630, Phone: (864) 639-2453 x300, E-mail: [email protected].

Introducing NAPCE.ORG

Mark Simpson, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

NAPCE now has its own domain name online. You now access the NAPCE web pages through the URL napce.org rather than through a link hosted by The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The NAPCE Board voted in its January meeting to register the NAPCE domain name and select an Internet Service Provider (ISP) independent of a member institution. The napce.org domain name makes access easier to remember than the much longer URLs involved when the web pages are hosted by a member institution. While NAPCE has had a presence on the Internet for several years now, that presence has been dependent upon the generosity of Biola University and more recently The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Neither institution requested that NAPCE move its web sitethe move from Biola to Southern was the result of access issues when Mark Simpson assumed the role of Communications Coordinator on the NAPCE Board. Moving the NAPCE web site to an independent ISP insures that NAPCE can continue its presence on the web without interruption when the Communications Coordinator position on the NAPCE board changes next year. However, NAPCE will continue to link into Southern Seminarys discussion group software until discussion group usage requires NAPCE to purchase its own software.

NAPCE members are encouraged to use the online discussion groups and resources available through the NAPCE web site. Our organization has the unique opportunity to network between the annual conferences through the web-based resources, particularly the discussion groups. Additional resources also can be made available if web site usage suggests NAPCE members are taking advantage of the current resources.

NAPCE Membership

Dennis Williams, Executive Administrator

The membership of the association has reached 262 for the 1998-1999 year (October 1-September 30). This is the highest membership we have had in several years and indicates the growing strength of the association. Members receive the NAPCE Newsletter, the Christian Education Journal and, from time to time, free books provided by publishers. Many who receive this newsletter have not renewed their membership. We invite you to do so for the coming year.

Membership is open to persons who teach Christian education in institutions of higher learning, persons who teach in related areas, persons who formerly taught Christian education in colleges or seminaries, and leaders of related Christian education organizations. Full membership is $40 per year and student membership is $25 per year. Checks should be made to NAPCE and payable in U.S. funds. Memberships received between now and October 1st will be counted for the 1999-2000 membership year. Please send your membership fee payable in U.S. funds along with your name and title, address (indicate home or work), home phone, work phone, fax line, e-mail address, and school/organization to NAPCE: Dennis E. Williams, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2825 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40280, Phone: (502) 897-4813, Fax: (502) 897-4004, E-mail: [email protected].

Please indicate if we have permission to post your membership on our web pages (excluding home address and/or home phone of course).

Research Grant Proposal Guidelines

James Davies, Simpson College

NAPCE has been given a renewable grant of $5,000 each year by David C. Cook Church Ministries to award money for research projects related to the field of Christian education. David C. Cook Church Ministries has the option of publishing the research in cooperation with the NAPCE Board. The results will be made available to all NAPCE members and their schools biennially. Agreement to publication is a condition for funding.

The applicant should submit a current curriculum vitae and a proposal outline (1,000-word maximum) addressing the following questions:

  1. Type of Research: Is the research descriptive, evaluative, or archival?
  2. Quality of Proposal: Does the research project have clearly defined problems and goals, appropriate research methodology, and a realistic budget?
  3. Promise of the Applicant: Does the applicant have the necessary background and skills for the project, hold promise for solid scholarly work, demonstrate need for this funding, and demonstrate skill in writing for publication?
  4. Potential Contribution: Will the research project address a significant question/issue for Christian education, benefit scholars and practitioners in the field, and strengthen and give focus or direction to the discipline?
  5. Potential for Completion: Does the project have access to the necessary resources and a clear time schedule with the promise of completion within two years?

The following principles will influence the review of proposals:

  1. NAPCE Research Grant applicants/recipients must have been members of NAPCE for at least two years.
  2. In awarding funds, preference will be given to:

    a. Applicants who have never received any research funding from other sources
    b. Applicants who have not received research funding from NAPCE in the previous 5 years
    c. Non-dissertation research proposals.

  3. Funding will not usually be available for expenses related to travel, tuition for courses, or attendance at conferences or seminars.
  4. Funding will normally be limited to a maximum of $1,000 per funded proposal.
  5. Awardees will sign an agreement to handle the funds with accountability and submit a written summary of 20 to 50 pages on the results of the research project by a mutually acceptable deadline (normally January of the following year).
  6. A committee appointed by the NAPCE Board will serve as editors for a potential publication of the results. They will work with David C. Cook Church Ministries to produce said volume within the stated financial limitations.

Funding is on a first come basis. Please send research proposals to: James Davies, Simpson College, 2211 Collegeview Drive, Redding, CA 96003, Phone: (530) 224-5600 x2149, Fax: (530) 224-2051.

News Briefs

NAPCE Research Grant Awards
The NAPCE board awarded one research grant Spring 1999. Mark Cannister was the recipient of the grant for research on The State of Youth Ministry Educators.

Retiring or Recently Retired?
Members who are retiring this year or who retired recently are asked to let the newsletter editor know so this milestone may be announced in a future issue. Members who know of retirements in our membership should let the editor know as well so that we will not miss anyone.

David C. Cook Article Service
David C. Cook Church Ministries makes available a free Christian Education Article Service. This service provides magazines with excerpts from significant writings across a variety of vocations in Christian education ministry. Please contact Dawn Boden for additional information if you are responsible for a magazine or other publication: 4050 Lee Vance View, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, phone (800) 708-5550, x3983, e-mail [email protected].

Whats News with You?
If you would like to update your mailing profile or share information about yourself or another Christian educator for publication in the Newsletter, please send your updated information, news item, name and institution name to: Mark Simpson, 2825 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40280, or e-mail [email protected].

Help Promote the Annual Conference

Dennis E. Williams, Executive Administrator

Enclosed with this newsletter is our annual conference brochure. We hope you will use it to register for the conference as soon as possible. If you have already registered, please pass the brochure to a colleague and encourage him or her to attend. If necessary, feel free to duplicate the brochure as needed. We would like to have a large attendance at the conference again this year.

Conference Reservations
It is not too early to make reservations for the San Diego conference, particularly for hotel accommodations and airline travel. You will especially want to renew your membership using the form on the conference brochure.

Your hotel reservations should be made directly with: Hanalei Hotel, 2270 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108, (800) 882-0858 or (619) 297-1101. Please indicate that you are with NAPCE to receive the rate of $89 for single or double occupancy. The cut-off date is October 6thereafter reservations will be accepted on a space available basis and at the prevailing rate of the hotel. You must make your reservations prior to October 6 to secure the NAPCE room rate.

Need a Roommate?
If you would like us to help you find a roommate to share the cost of the hotel, contact Dennis Williams at (502) 897-4813 and leave your name, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address with the secretary or voice mail. You may also contact Dennis by fax at (502) 897-4004 or by e-mail at [email protected]. Either you will be given the name of someone to contact, or your name will be put on a waiting list. The earlier you make your request, the greater the chance you can share a room. When requesting a roommate, it is assumed that you both will be staying at the hotel Thursday through Saturday night.

Airline Special Rates
United Airlines is offering NAPCE members a 5% discount off the lowest available discount fare to San Diego, including First Class, or a 10% discount off full fare unrestricted coach class when purchased seven days in advance. An additional 5% discount will apply if tickets are purchased at least 60 days in advance. These discounts also apply to Shuttle by United and United Express. You or your travel agent may call Uniteds Specialized Meeting Reservation Center at (800) 521-4041 seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to midnight EST. To receive the discount, you must refer to Meeting ID Number 543ZF.

Financial Assistance
Through the David C. Cook Church Ministries Professional Growth and Development Grant, the NAPCE Board is able to provide some financial assistance to professors who must pay all or part of their expenses to the Annual Conference in October. Persons requesting assistance should be members of NAPCE for the current year. Canadian members may deduct $35 from their registration fee as long as the check is payable in U.S. dollars. Scholarship funds are limitedif you need assistance, contact Dennis Williams as soon as possible.

Youth Ministry Educators Forum

Len Kageler, Nyack College

Being Spiritually Formed and Refreshed as a Youth Ministry Educator
Hanalei Hotel, San Diego California
October 30-Nov 1

Wayne Rice is our guest speaker this fall, and the program is designed with a lot of small group interaction. Program details and a conference brochure will be mailed in March. For registration information and please contact: Jana Sundene, YME Administrator, E-mail: [email protected], Phone: (847) 314-7165.

Book Reviews

Kevin Lamport, Huntington College

Dykstra, Robert C. 1997. Counseling troubled youth. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press. ISBN: 0-664-25654-6.

Reviewed by Dan Lambert, Assistant Professor of Youth Ministry, Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary.

Weaving some specific personal experiences and professional counseling case studies together with theological precepts and social commentary, Dykstra uses this book to make his case for an approach to adolescent pastoral counseling he calls "the eschatological self." Taking James Mastersons concept of developmental object relations theory and combining it with the self psychology work of Heinz Kohut and Jurgen Moltmans doctrine of Christian hope, the author lays a foundation for the construct of his theory, then uses four case studies in an attempt to support it.

What is exciting about Dykstras idea is the much-needed reminder that salvation through Christ ultimately offers hope to the hopeless. What is troubling, however, is that he uses some very specific and relatively obscure (at least to the field of Christian education) psychological and theological theories to support it. The eschatological self, by Dykstras way of thinking, is who people are as a result of who they will be. He poses the question, "Might ones future actually create ones present and past experiences?" (p.15). Of the four case studies used to illustrate his theory, only two are actually of teenagers, and one of those is a reflection on the youths biography rather than an actual case study.

For readers to appreciate this book, its best use would be in a setting where students are well schooled in various psychological and theological theories. While its stated purpose is to give pastoral counselors working with youth a new way of approaching troubled kids without hope, it seems more likely to find a welcome place in classrooms with graduate-level Christian psychology students.

Swatos, Jr., William H., ed. 1998. Encyclopedia of religion and society. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira Press. 590 pages. ISBN: 0-7619-8956-0.

Reviewed by: Mark A. Lamport, Ph.D. Professor of Educational Ministries, Huntington College.

At $125, I am definitely not recommending every professor should buy this weighty volume. It is a 5-pound reference book with over 500 entries by over 100 contributors. This encyclopedia best fits the academic realm of sociology of religion. The compendium attempts to bring together a state-of-the-art summary of the insights gained by the principal social sciences of religion: anthropology, psychology, and sociology. As I skimmed the contributors, only a very few of the names seemed familiar.

Although no past or present NAPCE member is mentioned in this volume, there are articles on some of the requisite stereotypes of conservative Protestantism: Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggert, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham and Oral Roberts. "Religious education" is included, but not "Christian education" nor "youth ministry." Limited, banal articles address "evangelicalism" and "fundamentalism." "Liberalism" is not included as a entry; neither is, believe it or not, "Jesus" or "Transcendence," although "Immanence" is. (Do you catch a theological bias?) As I read entries on "Christianity" and "Biblical Studies," I had the image of authors trying to write a biography of someone unknown to themsterile.

Finally, I would have wished for an introductory essay for the uninitiated (such as myself) on the major themes, events and influential persons in American religion and society. An introductory essay would have set the table for the myriad of terms and movements that follow. Probably an acceptable investment for the reference section of your institutions library, but no need to rush out and snatch this one for your personal collection.

Nurturing the Soul Through Christian Education

North American Professors of Christian Education Annual Conference
October 28-30, 1999
Hanalei Hotel - San Diego, California

Thursday, October 28th
1:00-5:00 P.M. Registration
5:00-6:00 P.M. Poolside Reception
6:00-7:30 P.M. Dinner
7:30-9:00 P.M. General SessionJ. P. Moreland and Roundtable

Friday, October 29th
7:30-8:30 A.M. Breakfast
8:30-9:30 A.M. General SessionRick Dunn
9:30-10:00 A.M. Break
10:00-11:15 A.M. Spiritual Formation Praxis
11:15-11:30 A.M. Break
11:30-1:30 P.M. Lunch
1:30-2:30 P.M. Current Research
2:30-6:30 P.M. Leisure Time
6:30-7:45 P.M. Dinner
7:45-8:00 P.M. Break
8:00-9:00 P.M. General SessionJ. P. Moreland
9:00 P.M. Questions and Answers with J. P. and Rick

View of the Hanalei Hotel Pool
Saturday, October 30th
7:30-8:30 A.M. Breakfast
8:30-9:30 A.M. Current Research
9:30-9:45 A.M. Break
9:45-10:45 A.M. Professional Development Workshops
10:45-11:00 A.M. Break
11:00-12:00 Noon Feedback from Professional Development Workshops
12:30-1:45 P.M. Lunch and Networking Tables
2:00-3:15 P.M. General SessionRick Dunn and Closing Worship
Style of Hotel Accommodations

Copyright 1999. The North American Professors of Christian Education. All rights reserved.