Membership Benefits

Why should you join NAPCE? Check out all the benefits of NAPCE membership and find our how to apply.

Benefits of Membership

Growing out of the Research Commission of the National Sunday School Association which began in 1947, NAPCE has developed into a major professional organization for professors of Christian education in colleges and seminaries, and for leaders in related Christian education organizations. NAPCE membership means valuable benefits for you. Why should you join?

  1. Professional Growth and Development: Professional stimulation through research presentations, lectures, and dialogue with a sharing of ideas, syllabi, and resources for the teaching and research tasks.
  2. Annual Conference: The highlight of the year is the annual NAPCE Conference, which is usually held the third week of October (Thursday - Saturday). Stimulating speakers, discussion groups, research in progress presentations, professional development seminars, and outstanding fellowship with other professors and leaders in the field of Christian education combine to make the conference a truly outstanding experience.
  3. NAPCE Newsletter: The NAPCE Newsletter is published three times a year and includes news from members and schools, book reviews, announcements of key happenings in Christian education throughout the United States and Canada and articles from the officers of the association.
  4. Christian Education Journal: Membership in NAPCE includes a year's subscription to the Christian Education Journal.
  5. Student Scholastic Award: To encourage promising scholars and outstanding students in Christian education, members may nominate a student from their school to receive the scholastic award certificate in Christian education presented each year by NAPCE. Letters are sent to active members March 1st with the guidelines and requirements for this award.
  6. Resources: Each year many publishing companies provide complimentary copies of books and other resources to those who are members of NAPCE. Many are given at the annual conference.

For further information about NAPCE, contact the Executive Adminstrator:

Dr. Freddy Cardoza
Biola University
13800 Biola Ave.
LaMirada, CA 40280
Work: 562.903.6000 Ext. 5527
E-mail: [email protected]

The permanent address of NAPCE is:

c/o David C. Cook Church Ministries
4050 Lee Vance View
Colorado Springs CO 80918

Application for Membership

The annual full membership fee of $65 (this fee is included in the cost of registration for the annual conference). Student membership fee of $35 (this fee is included in the cost of registration for the annual conference).

There are two convenient ways to activate your membership with NAPCE. You can register online with a credit card, or you can send in a check by mail.

Online Membership Registration Options:

Click on this link to register online for your full membership: ($75)

Click on this link to register online for your student membership: ($45)

Mail in Membership Registration:

Please send your name, organization, full address, home phone, work phone, fax line, email address with the appropriate fee (Full Membership - $65; Student Membership - $35) in U.S. funds payable to NAPCE to:

Freddy Cardoza
Talbot School of Theology/Biola University
Feinberg Hall, Suite 124
13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, CA 90639
Work: 562.903.6000 Ext. 5527
Fax: 714.352.6680
E-mail: [email protected]