Call for Papers

"The Profession of Teaching Christian Education" Prospectus

CEJ Special Mini-Series

James Riley Estep, Jr., Ph.D. Guest Editor

Prospectus: How do we prepare students to be Christian educators? What instructional experiences do we use to nurture and develop students toward becoming faithful to their call as Christian educators? This special mini-series is open for submissions answering these and related questions. Articles focusing on theoretical approaches and best practices as professors of Christian education that have informed and proven most beneficial in teaching students education that is Christian and preparing them for ministry.

What kind of articles? These are just a few ideas of the kinds of articles that might apply to this special edition (but don't be limited by the list):

Please contact James Estep as soon as possible if you have interest in contributing and article to this edition:

James Riley Estep, Jr., Ph.D. Guest Editor
Professor of Christian Education
Lincoln Christian University
217-737-3798 (cell/text)
[email protected]
drpedagogue in Lincoln, IL (video Skype)
217-732-1821 (fax)